The election of Donald Trump to the presidency of the United States has been somewhat of a perpetual hangover for the america and the world. Ever since he announced his campaign by gliding down the escalator in Trump Tower, I, like many others, did not take him seriously. To my surprise and dismay, he glided into the Republican nomination with ease. The correctly labeled “basket of deplorables” and disgruntled whites elevated Donald Trump to a status that far exceeded that of any celebrity. His words no longer mattered; It was Hillary who was the corrupt liar that needed to be barred from the white house. yeah right… Anyways I digress. The election of Donald Trump has brought about fear that before seems artificial or at least distant. His cabinet picks and his onslaught of tweets have confirmed the horror for many. Seriously!.. Rick Perry for the Department of Energy? What’s next? David Duke for head of task force on race relations. We have compromised a lot in American politics by electing Donald Trump. When we view politics as a competition then we have extracted the humanity out of it. That is why the next four years will be much longer than I certainly want to experience… if we are around that long. Hopefully the other branches of government will balance out the horror of the executive branch that will begin past noon on Jan. 20th. Until then and through the end, I will try my best to remain in formed and look beyond what has become American politics and try my best to further improve the condition of American’s outside of the normal workings… the normal workings seemed to have failed.

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