Paris Climate Agreements

Recently the Trump administration has been under a lot of scrutiny for discrediting the increasing environmental problems all over the world. The president-elect has done everything from calling global warming a hoax to blaming the Chinese for making the whole thing up. Despite meeting with various environmental organizations, President-elect Donald J. Trump has refused to continue the progress of the Obama administration. Instead, he has nominated cabinet members who are pro-fossil fuel and do not believe in human caused climate change. For example, Oklahoma’s Scott Pruitt was put in charge of the EPA. He is known for being extra cozy with the oil industry and will most certainly refuse to implement environmentally sound policy. The EPA will probably have to be renamed more appropriately the “Environmental Destruction Agency.” Obama’s key Paris Climate Agreement (and several other of his presidency’s successes) may be abandoned due to the fact that many of these were achieved through executive agreements. Climate change is real and not avoidable by the continuing to support the status quo. The Paris Climate agreements are not only a major step of progress in for the environment but for the international community as well. This diplomatic success has countries coming together comprising towards a common goal. Under the administration, we may likely enter diplomatic isolationism that will have no regard for peaceful agreements.

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